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I read Perez Hilton’s Blog and a few college football polls at I chose to read these blogs because as much as I hate to hear about it, celebrity gossip does interest me, and because I love to keep up on anything college football related.

The thing I like the best about the College Football Blog, is that it not only posts the BCS, AP, USA Today, and Coach’s Poll standing, but it also gives me a little recap on some of the games that I may have missed. I also like the reader feedback on the site because it allows for more conversation and therefore I can get more information. I can find out about injuries, bowl games, projected winners for future games, and what others are thinking about my favorite teams.

The thing that i liked the most about Perez Hilton’s blog is that I get all the dirt about celebrities, but I do not have to buy all the different types of gossip magazines that are out there. I can go to one site and read everything that is being said in fifty different magazines.

The best part about any blog that i have read though is the comments. I love to see how worked up people get at other people’s opinions and stupid gossip. While the blog authors do give a lot of information and I get the bulk of the information from them, the people that comment are always beneficial because they give you the little details that fill in the blanks and answer the small questions that help you fill in the big picture.


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Success Seminars

My favorite success seminar was sex signals. I feel that at sex signals, we received a lot of good information, but rather than in a lecture style, which can become boring, we received it in a fun manner. My friends and I were cracking up for the entire presentation. For me, information is better retained when I feel like I am participating. For instance, because all my economics teacher does is lecture, I have made a friend in another class and copy his notes after class rather than pay attention to her.

My next top pick for favorite success seminars was Jumpstart Your Personal Finances. Once again, I felt like I was somewhat involved in the presentation. There were several chances for audience participation, and my friend even got the 20 bucks he was giving away. Now that was a productive seminar, afterwards he treated for ice cream. I definitely was not going to complain. I found that Peter Bielagus’ information was very helpful. A few days after the seminar, my friends and I decided to check our credit reports as he had suggested. While my name is extremely uncommon, and I found nothing that was not expected, one of my friends was surprised to find that hers showed she owned a house in Florida.I found all the information that he gave us to be extremely beneficial; while i do not like being required to go to things, I believe that this should be one success seminar that should be required for all freshman.

I also attended Keeping Friendship Alive. It was good, and I enjoyed it, but Sex Signals and Jumpstart Your Personal Finances were my favorite seminars.

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One Week of Twitter.

I still have yet to see the world’s fascination with Twitter. I personally found it to be quite confusing and still kinda weird. I can not get over the idea of “following” people.  I find the way you follow someone to be unusual. I think that rather than just following someone, the action should be mutual and you should have a approve the other person before they are allowed access to all of your thoughts. Other than for class assignments, I don’t think that I will continue to use Twitter. I can see how it would be beneficial for teachers and students to converse outside of class and in an extremely fast manner. Yet, I still think that it would personally be more preferable to use email or Facebook chat, some thing that not everyone can see. There was one thing that I did like about Twitter; the “official” marking to let you know if it was a celebrities actual site or a fake was very helpful. On other social networking sites, you just have to guess, and most of the time it’s not the right person. It was quite easy to see similarities between Facebook and Twitter. Tweets and status updates are generally the same concept, only tweets have a character maximum. I dislike the fact that you can’t upload numerous photos to your Twitter. I was very surprised to see the number of people whose Tweets and statuses corresponded; in many cases the people I am friends with on Facebook and the people I followed on Twitter made their Tweets and their statuses the same. I think that the only thing that I am going to continue to use Twitter for are class assignments and classroom communication.

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Low Ropes Course

On the low ropes course a few weeks ago, I think it was near impossible to not learn something about yourself. I personally learned that I am completely incapable of making any sort of animal noise. I also learned that asking for help is easier said then done. The ropes course surprisingly had quite a bit to do with our FYE theme of Making Connections. With the ropes course, I found it much easier to make connections with my fellow classmates. We were forced to work together to achieve a common goal, such as undoing a human knot or trying to organize our animals by size. I think that our class could benefit from going back to Southern Adventures later in the semester, because it would once again allow us to become better aquatinted. Another trip would also allow us to learn more about ourselves and each other. I think that a second trip to Southern Adventures would allow us an opportunity to break out a little bit; sitting in a classroom every day can get a little tiring. The trip would get us out of our seats and force us to be a little bit more active. (For me personally, I find it easier to motivate myself to workout at the RAC when I’m already there. Getting there is half the work.) I think that what I learned at Southern Adventures will help me a lot in both class and life in general. I am not usually one to ask for help and with one of the challenges at the ropes course, that was the lesson of the exercise. It forced you to raise your hand and ask for help. If I take nothing else from the experience, I hope that I can at least take that.

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